What is the Best Paleo Cookbook?

About Me

Hey all,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out my review site of the best Paleo Cookbooks I have found on the net.

Personally I’m a small time chef, I enjoy cooking a lot. Me and my friends have done a lot of cooking together and i’m pretty well known for my recipes in my neighborhood. I used be the master chef for all sorts of social gatherings and partying here.

How I got into Paleo Cooking.

My friend Sarah served me a paleo dish called Avacado porkchops on her last birthday. I was in heaven when i had the first bite, it was so damn good. To be honest i haven’t had any pork dish like that before, it was her first try and she was so good at it. On top of that, the weight just dropped straight off, and I was eating anything I wanted, within the rules of paleo.My lifting also went through the roof and allowed me to pack on some serious muscle while always feeling full.

I started this blog to help others to enjoy good, delicious Palio recipes I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve always got time for guys and gals who are knew to Paleo lifestyle, if you want to get in contact with me send me and email at: craig@cooklikeacaveman.com.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the site!





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