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Caveman Feast Review $27

Caveman Feast Review

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Hey everyone, Craig here.

Next on my review list is ‘Caveman Feast’

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I bought this product a little while back in 2012 when it was first released and I’ve been cooking up a few of the recipes on a regular basis.

Before I get stuck into my review I just want to let you know that everything I write about on Cook Like A Caveman is my own, no-holds-barred, uncensored thoughts of what i really think about the products I buy.

So be warned, what follows is an outline of the good points and the not so good points about Caveman Feast.

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at how Caveman Feast came to be.

The author is George Bryant and this guy is a freaking machine.

He was told he was too fat when he first joined the marines so he started investigating the benefits of the Paleo diet.

Several months later he dropped 100 pounds, got into the marine corp and in his spare time comes up with awesome Paleo recipes.
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So what’s in the book?

George has outdone himself when it comes to these recipes. Most take between 10-20 minutes (but read my comments below about some of the suggested preparation times) preparation time. So if your a little short in time and lead a busy lifestyle you’ll really appreciate the ease with which you can put most of these dishes together.

One of the dishes I have cooked a few times now is the pulled pork. I normally have friends and family around on the weekends so like to put on a bit of food when everyone’s around.

The recipe for pulled pork is amazing, everyone comments on how much they like and generally a cook up means I have a heap of leftovers to eat during the week 🙂

Caveman Feast contains more than 200 Paleo recipes. The book starts of by introducing you to the author and the next page describes the table of contents:

  • Beef Entrees
  • Pork Entrees
  • Poultry Entrees
  • Seafood Entrees
  • Breakfast
  • Sides
  • Condiments, Sauces, Butters, Dressings, Rubs and Blends
  • Grain-Free Goodies

Caveman Feast is very comprehensive, describing all the ingredients, how to prepare them, time taken to prepare and an high definition photo of the dish you are about to make. These recipes are so tempting. I found it really hard to not to get hungry while looking at it.

As part of the deal you get four free bonuses (not sure how long this deal will last so if you want to get the bonuses you better buy Caveman Feast now) valued at $117. The bonuses included are:

Bonus #1 Abel James intro to Paleo e-book and video – Abel runs the ‘Fat-Burning Man Show’. Both the e-book and video are great for someone new to the Paleo diet

Bonus #2 Primal Rockstars e-book – Contains interviews and tips with experts on how the Paleo diet works as well as muscle building tips. I didn’t really find this e-book to useful as I already knew about most of the content

Bonus #3 A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving Ebook – I’m a massive pumpkin fan so I really likedthis e-book. It contains a whole heap of recipes you can make using pumpkin

Bonus #4 Interview with George Bryant and Abel James – Interesting little interview that goes through George’s history, the benefits of eating Paleo, tips for those new to Paleo and much more

Overall some pretty good value with the bonuses.

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Visit Official Caveman Feast Website

Ok, let’s get onto the serious stuff, what did I really think of Caveman Feast? Let’s start with the Good Stuff:

The Good Stuff

1. The recipes are easy to make. The 40 or so I have tried so far have far exceeded my expectations. Sometimes Paleo can be a little boring but George has bought out the big guns here.

2. Caveman Feast Paleo cook book comes with over 200+ Caveman recipes. Which is more than enough to satisfy an Paleo enthusiast. You can literally build a whole eating schedule around all these recipes

3. You get free updates forever. Around a week after I bought the ebook I got an updated version via email with extra recipes

4. The E – book is well designed, comes with high quality photos of every recipe. The recipes are easy to follow with step by step instructions

5. You get a whole heap of free goodies with Caveman Feast worth $117 (see details above) but I am not sure how long this deal will last so if you want all the free bonuses you had better click the link below to buy the e-book


And here’s the bad stuff


The Bad Stuff

1. Quite a few of the recipes take way more time to prepare and cook than described in the book. I’ve been on Paleo for well over three years now so I have most of the ingredients ready to go and i’ve had a lot of experience cooking Paleo meals so I know what i’m doing. Some of the dishes I tried took 35-45 mins to prepare and cook yet the book described them taking half that time.

2. Some of the servings were pretty small. For example I whipped up a batch of the grilled spiced peaches that is supposed to serve 4 people. However I feel that you would need to double to quantity to really satisfy 4 people

Overall i’ve given Caveman Feast 3 STARS.

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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  1. I purchased this book last year. Its actually one of the better ones IMHO

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