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Creating new lunchtime meal options is hard enough, let alone following a diet that eliminates the traditional sandwich, pasta, beans and potato options from the menu. What’s more, shopping for ingredients and preparation can become a baffling chore if you are struggling for new ideas.

The Paleo Power Lunch is revolutionizing what the world eats for lunch, both at work and at home. The Paleo Power Lunch was specifically designed to combat lunchtime boredom and lack of lunchbox creativity, providing education and motivation for primal eaters.

From easy-to-follow video demonstrations on how to prepare vegetables and make salad dressing, to advice on storing and transporting meals and where to find your ingredients in the supermarket, Paleo Power Lunch has brought new inspiration to the 12-2pm lunchtime window.

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The Paleo Power Lunch Book


The book is beautifully presented, comprising 117 pages accompanied by delightful photography. It opens with a story of the book’s author, Stormy Sweitzer, who discovered paleo after being plagued with health problems ranging from hair loss and weight gain to allergies and depression.

Delving beneath the pages it quickly becomes obvious that this is so much more than a standard recipe book, instead standing alone as a cooking bible of sorts aimed at ensuring paleo followers – and indeed those with dairy or gluten intolerances – have all the tools they need to really enjoy food and get the most from healthy eating.

Rather than simply listing recipes with fancy names in traditional fashion, Paleo Power Lunch focuses on how to shop, how to prepare, how to create, how to innovate and how to store and transport meals. There are ideas for shopping smart, instructions on essential utensils, tips for storing and packing ingredients, and a system for preparing great lunches using recipes in the book or combinations of ingredients you have at your disposal.

The reader is encouraged throughout to try different things using Stormy’s basic rules of meal preparation and cooking: plan, shop, prep, make. There is huge emphasis on planning, with a weekly meal planner and an extensive paleo shopping list provided. The tips never stop flowing between pages, covering topics such as saving money on ingredients, growing your own, best practice shopping, and buying fresh and frozen. The book is essentially a manual that teaches you how to optimize your paleo meal preparation to make life, and lunch, that much easier.


Video Instruction


Beyond the book are a number of other bonuses, most notably the video instruction provided by the author. The videos can be downloaded or accessed online via YouTube at a private link (available only to those who’ve purchased the package.)

There are 8 videos in total, covering areas such as basic preparation of vegetables, preparing heat, roasting peppers, de-veining shrimps, and making salad combinations. The videos are very well produced, and average at around 6 minutes each, quickly getting to the directions without unnecessary verbiage.

These videos will prove particularly useful for amateur chefs, and will also serve as a “best practice” guide for more advanced cooks.


Bonus Quick Guides


There are 5 accompanying guides (termed bonuses) each targeting a different area of cooking. Bonuses they might be, but nevertheless these are valuable mini-recipe books packed with great information on specific areas of cooking, as opposed to the main book, which is general in its approach to combining foods to create great tasting meals. The guides included are as follows:

1. Assembly Required Meals: These suggestions require no cooking at all, which is great if you are anti pot and pan, or short on time. This particular guide is very detailed in its approach to showing how simple it is to create meat wraps, paleo sandwiches and salads.

2. Bowl-In-One Meals:
 These Asian-inspired lunch bowls use meats and vegetables in varying bowl-based combinations for easy-to-transport lunches.

3. Breakfast Scrambles: Another area many paleo followers struggle with is creativity at the breakfast table. This guide offers 4 expansive preparation solutions for breakfasts using eggs, greens, meats and spices.

4. Cooler Companions:
 This guide gives you tips and recipes for energy-laden food, ideal for when you’re on the go all day, or to prevent you from crashing during or after a workout. Suggestions include meatballs, frittatas, lettuce wraps, and low sugar fruits.

5. Stock Up On Soup: A hearty breakfast will often leave you wanting something light to eat for lunch. This guide provides ideas for all kinds of soups: creamy, light, meat, and vegetable-based. There is also extensive information on how to use bones and shells for stock to stew meat.


The Quick Reference Guide


Reading the book, watching the videos and studying the guides is a lot to take in, so thankfully a quick reference guide has been provided for, well… quick reference. The guide is your mental companion in making sure you don’t forget anything, even down to how to pack your lunchbox. There is a checklist for the supermarket; a paleo shopping list and even a color-coded store guide that highlights paleo-friendly areas of your local super market. The only thing missing is the money to do your shopping!


In Conclusion


Without seeing the actual products provided in the Paleo Power Lunch package it is difficult to describe just how comprehensive and valuable the information is. Stormy Sweitzer hasn’t just created recipes for the user to follow, but instead gone ten steps further in documenting the entire cooking experience from conception to implementation. Every step of the way contains a tip on best practice, and real effort and care has been taken to provide a valuable user experience that educates and encourages creativity.

Although the focus is primarily on lunches, with paleo being so flexible, it is easy to see how you would adapt the recipes, ideas and tips for breakfast and dinner. And on reflection that is clearly the author’s intention; that the user will take the teachings and evolve a personal paleo pathway.

Paleo Power Lunch is absolutely brilliant value, and will not disappoint in the slightest. It’s jam-packed full of great ideas, tips and professional advice from a paleo professional. Newbies and veterans alike will find this massively helpful in evolving the paleo experience.


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